Food of Costa Rica



One of my goals in Costa Rica was to eat lots of fresh fruits and vegetables but what I can never seem to deny is fresh baked sweets. Not to mention all the isles of snacks that I’ve never seen before.

Fruits of Costa Rica

Costa Rican fruit is delicious because it is mostly grown locally. It’s harvested near it’s ripening time and it’s deliver locally. Since it’s the tropics there is a lot of choices also. Many exotic fruits comes from the tropics. The weather allows many various fruits to be grown. Some of my favorite fruits here are Mango, Ganabana (Soursop), Pineapple, and Papaya.

My favorite food

My favorite food in Costa Rica is Patacones. Patacones is fried green plantains. I tastes like plantain chips or French fries but a little but more crispier and chewier. It’s usually served with black beans or salsa or guacamoles. In a way it’s like tostadas or chips and dips.

Snacks of Costa Rica

I didn’t want to get into the snacks of Costa Rica because it’s process food but I could not resist. I would buy big bags of various snacks so that I can choose a different snack every time I wanted one. My favorites are Chickys (vanilla cookie with a chocolate coat on the bottom), Tris (Cookie Ice Cream Sandwich), Yippys (Chocolate layered Wafer), Platanos (Plaintain chips), and many more!