Flying to Menton





In order to get to Menton, France where one of my high school friends is studying, I need to take two planes from Amsterdam. One to Charles De Gaul Aeroport in Paris. From there I have to take a bus to the other Aeroport in Paris (Orly) fly to Nice and then take a bus that drives through Monaco and finally reaches Menton.

On my first flight I sat between a Turkish English teacher and a Persian lady who had traveled the world after the regime change in Iran.

People are amazing. I highly advise striking conversations with those around you even if it for a quick second the plane about anything. I immediately felt insignificant between the two. Having this interaction, I had this urge to keep on going and exploring the world. At the time I can say I was a bit scared and lonely but now I did feel like Superman. Although we are all human everyone has beautiful and amazing stories to share. My biggest regret is not taking pictures of everyone that I’ve met on my travels.

Traveling is quite easy in Europe. A vast majority of the people that I saw at the airport had hiking backpacks. In Europe everything is so close by that It is affordable to travel short distances while packing extremely light.