Flavors of Tanzania






I am so thrilled to share some of the new flavors that have graced my taste buds so far. Before coming to Tanzania, I was under the impression that I would not be surprised by the cuisine as I was convinced that my familiarity with Ghanaian cuisine would allow me the privilege of being familiar with everything Tanzania had to offer food-wise. Thankfully, my ignorant assumptions were immediately dispelled as I was constantly blown away by the home-cooked meals I was served. I started photographing most of my meals as they were some of the most unique meals I had ever tried. Although there are some striking similarities between Ghanaian and Tanzanian foods, there are also some note-worthy differences. For example, both cultures seem to fry a lot of their dishes. Moreover, both cultures eat a lot of carbohydrates. The main differences stem from the ways in which the products are made. To elaborate, in Ghana, one can easily go to a restaurant or street vendor to purchase omelettes or french fries but in Tanzania, a popular dish is the french fries omelette.

French fries omelette known as chipsi mayai in Tanzania

Another pleasant combination that I have had the opportunity to try and have really enjoyed is mango and avocado juice. The two fruits blend together so well that I can hardly ever stop indulging myself whenever I try it. Tanzania prides itself in having an abundance of many fresh fruits so one can easily purchase a myriad of fresh fruits in the local markets.

Homemade mango and avocado juice

Lastly, potatoes are very popular in Tanzania. One of my favorite dishes to eat in America is mashed potatoes so one could only imagine the excitement I felt when I was served a dish which consisted of fried mashed potato balls. I had no idea what they were until I bit into one and realized what I had been served had a taste I recognized. The texture and flavor of the mashed potato balls were absolutely divine. I have asked for the recipe and a lesson on how to make them. I am really excited to try and make these fried mashed potato balls, along with some of the other spectacular meals I have had, for my friends and family after I leave Tanzania.


Top left: Steamed spinach Top right: eggplant sauce Bottom right: Vegetable chapati Bottom left: Fried mashed potato balls

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