Five Weeks to Go





Just thought I would update everyone about my upcoming trip to Spain.  My school has revised our study abroad program, and now we are going to study in Cuenca, Spain.  Cuenca is a much smaller town; it sits atop a “mesa”, with houses built into the sides of it.  Some of these houses hang out over the edges, and thus are called ‘Hanging Houses’ – probably one of the main tourist attractions. 

I am a little disappointed we are not going to Madrid, but I am still excited about the trip.  In Cuenca there will be less English spoken, so this will be beneficial for my language immersion experience.  And one of our field trips will be to Madrid, so I’ll still get to see a little bit of it. 

In five weeks, I will be on a plane; I can hardly believe it!  I am somewhat nervous because I have now gone a year without any Spanish courses and my Spanish is pretty rusty!!  But, I figure – what’s the worst that can happen?  I’ll go, I’ll learn some of the language, I’ll survive, and I’ll return.  And I will share my experiences through this blog so everyone can read all about it. 

Well, I will write again right before I leave.  Tootaloo!