First Weeks in Florence!



Today marks the end of my 2nd week in Florence. I’m here until August so a little over a month. This is the first time I do anything like this and if I’m being honest it’s a little out of my comfort zone to have signed up for study abroad. When I arrived I had a moment where I asked myself why am I here? I felt a little homesick and was having doubts. I almost felt like everyone else was having the exact opposite thoughts as me. Turns out that if you open up a little to those around you, you come to find out that almost everyone felt the same way!

It feels super strange to be in a place where you have to make 10x the effort to do daily tasks like order food or ask for help at a grocery store but it’s only my 2nd week and can see how much I have come out of my shell and started feeling more comfortable with being uncomfortable sometimes. I embarrass myself almost daily but that’s part of the experience! I’m super grateful to have the privilege to navigate through a new beautiful city and to be able to notice changes within myself in new environments. I’m going on my first-weekend trip outside of the city soon and am feeling more sure and confident of my decision to study abroad every day. I can’t wait to learn more about Italy and to keep challenging myself in order to learn and know myself more!