First Weekend Trip!




Howdy from Budapest, Hungary!

I arrived on Wednesday night and bussed 1 hour to our hostel (called the Hive) in the city center. The location was very central with a lot of restaurants and cool sights nearby. The hostel was VERY cheap and well-kept. It was only $15 a night and also one of the cleaner and cooler hostels I have been in. Here are some pictures!



So far, I loved this city! It is so inexpensive (especially when compared to Copenhagen) and beautiful- a lot of cheap eats and historical buildings. I have been eating out for all my meals! Three meals in Budapest would probably be an equivalent of one meal in Copenhagen. For example, I had a $5 breakfast and lunch, and a $2.50 Shawarma for dinner- in Copenhagen, I’d be super stoked to get a meal under $15 (approx 100 DKK). Here are some pictures of the foods I have tried, though nothing Hungarian (yet).





On Thursday, we did a free walking tour! It was a three hour long sight-seeing tour. Our tour guide took us to multiple places including a walk over the bridge that connects Buda to Pest (pronounces Pesh). The view was breathtaking. We also went to the Budacastle- it was quite a walk!! Here are some pictures from the tour :)





Ah, I hope the pictures speak for the wonderful time I am having in Budapest! If you are studying abroad in Europe, I would definitely recommend this city. It’s an amazing city with a very rich history, inexpensive food, and awesome night life!

Here is a quick video of my trip- if you decide to watch, I hope you enjoy!

I will talk to you soon :) I will be taking classes at Copenhagen University and Copenhagen Business School next week- so stick around to hear about my official first days of school!

Hej Hej!