First week in Bolivia!




¡Hola!  This is my first blog in Bolivia.

I am studying abroad for the summer in La Paz and Tarija, Bolivia. I arrived on Saturday August 3rd, and even though it’s been only a couple of days, this trip has been amazing!

This week I’m staying at La Paz, this is the capital of the country, which is known for being a big city, it’s constantly growing and it encaptures many different traditions from all over Bolivia.  

Last Monday, the group and I went to a walking tour of the city, where we were able to learn the history of this incredible city. One of the main stops was La plaza central, which is also known as the “pigeons plaza”, because of the immense quantity of these birds that you can find there, and I was able to capture this amazing moment.

When exploring the city, we were also able to take the teleferico, which is one of their most used methods of transportation. This is the view from one of the lines of the teleferico.

On Tuesday, the coordinator of our program planned out an entire day for the group. During the morning, we went to Tiwuanaco- a magical place full of indigenous history, culture, and traditions. We were able to walk by the ruins of this incredible city, that was sadly destroyed during the conquest. 

On Friday, we went on an adventure… I was very hesitant about going… I am usually not a sports type of person, I get very nervous at high altitudes, and I thought I was not going to be able to do it. However, I wanted to see the amazing view, and I wanted to spend more time with my new friends, so I agreed to go. 

We went mountain biking to the Death road. One of the most, if not the most dangerous road in the world. It is a one way street, that goes around mountains, with a very high altitude, and a very small width. Most of the time we were there, I was very nervous, but honestly, the view was worth it, and it is an incredible experience, that I am glad I didn’t miss. 

The view was absolutely amazing.

This week was mostly a tourist time. However, we had meetings with the coordinator, where he explained the plan for the duration of the program, and we also had lectures about Bolivia’s healthcare and Bolivia’s history. 

I am very excited for the rest of this trip!