First Solo Trip!





This past week, I didn’t have class or work for 2 days in a row…so I decided to book a spontaneous overnight trip to Aarhus! Aarhus is a city located on Jutland (a separate piece of land) in Denmark- it’s approximately 3.5 to 4 hours away from Copenhagen by bus. I really don’t know why I chose Aarhus out of all the places in Denmark… but I’m so glad I did! Aarhus is actually really similar to Copenhagen but also different in many ways. To me, I thought the town was a lot cozier- less people, slower pace, and more homey. It was a good place to visit alone. My first touristy stop was ARoS Aarhus Kunstmuseum. It is an 8-story high art museum filled with a wide range of exhibitions. I spent around 3 hours there and really enjoyed myself. Here are some photos I took:

An exhibit of a Lamborghini! For a period of time, the artist gave permission to visitors to carve whatever they wanted on the car. How cool is that! Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to.



These are signs bought from homeless people from all over the world.


And here is one of an oversized boy- a bit creepy but cool nonetheless.


My favorite part of all was the top floor! You could see the view of the city and walk around in the rainbow panorama- I liked it so much that I went back up twice before leaving the museum :)



I would really recommend ARoS if you decide to visit Aarhus. Aside from ARoS, I also went to the Botanical Garden and saw Old Town (from the outside since I didn’t want to pay and was too worn out to spend time in there). Here are a few more pictures of Aarhus!



Overall, I would recommend visiting Aarhus if you plan to study abroad in Copenhagen! I am sure there are so much more to see than the places I got a chance to visit. OH! They also had the best Bún bò Huế (a vietnamese soup)! It was probably the best Bún bò Huế that I’ve had in Denmark (maybe also because it was the only one I’ve had). This was definitely the highlight dish of my trip. I might consider going back just for this ;) Jokes.


Overall, my solo trip has been very eye-opening in an indescribable way. I enjoyed myself more than I could imagine- I had the freedom to do whatever I want, whenever I want. It was awesome! Studying abroad isn’t always about socializing and making friends, it’s also about getting to know yourself and testing your limits- something I got the opportunity to do for the past few days. This trip has made me appreciate Denmark so so much more (more than I already do, if that is possible). It made me realize that there’s more to Denmark than Copenhagen (…obviously). I got to see the countryside, went on a ferry, and drove across the bridge connecting Jutland and Sealand- nothing extremely impressive but it was nice being able to see more of Denmark.

My current motto for the past week or so is: say yes to life! It’s been working out pretty well if you ask me ;)