First impressions of the British land! Nottingham :)


Hello hello, guys:
Finally, some of the most desired moments of this year have arrived, and guess what, I cannot be more excited!!! First, a visit to my hometown in Cuba, after almost four years. It was a blast, refreshing, and lovely. Secondly, the trip that has kept me awake for a few weeks, mainly because I had to confront new things, like packing and planning to see attractions and sights in each city.

On Saturday, June 29th, my plane landed at Heathrow Airport in London, England. It has been a learning experience since our departure in Phoenix. The ten-hour flight thrilled me with the alluring British accent of the flight attendants. The journey was so exciting that I could not even imagine how exciting the next month would be.

As a nature lover, I was captivated by the beautiful landscapes, all the way from London to Nottingham, our new home for the month. The beauty moved me and the vibrant green of the plains, plentifully covered with trees. Sheep and cows decorated the small hills. It was shocking to go from a dusty desert with brown and dull colors to a luscious green As I imagined, England has a strong farming industry, producing about 60% of the food for Great Britain.

Farm on the way to Nottingham.


Plains are abundant in this area of the country.

OMG, A CHILD DRIVING! This was my initial reaction after looking at a kid on the left side of the car. Of course, he was not driving, his mom was actually driving. ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE CAR! Yes, the right side, some European countries drive on the left side of the street, and the cars have the steering wheel on the right side.

It was something impressive and new for me, as well as the traffic lights, which put the yellow light before both the red and the green lights. It has taken me some time to get accustomed to the street crossing. I keep thinking they will pass on my right when it is the opposite. I will eventually get it!

The steering wheel on the right? Driving on the left? What???? We are so different, and that’s so good!

Wow, the architecture! There is a sense of pure enjoyment when looking at the old buildings and structures built with a unique red brick, which gives a special feeling to the city. Last evening, we attended St. Mary The Virgin, a Church of England with a gothic perpendicular style, built around 1419 years ago. It was a delightful artwork that gathered stories from all its years.


Bricks give a charming touch to the city!!


St. Mary’s Church! Unique piece of work! The story says that Robin Hood was arrested here while confessing.

I find it so impressive how much they care about the streets and the beauty of the city. Streets, pubs, houses have a delicate and artistic touch with the presence of the most colorful flowers, which perfectly combines with the red bricks of the structures.


Flowers on a bar!


I could smell their perfume! so beautiful!!!

Wow, so much excitement for just a few days. I cannot wait to share the rest with you. See you in London!!!