First Week in Hong Kong





The beginning of my journey abroad started only a few days ago. However, I travelled to Tokyo to wait for my program because I needed more time for my Hong Kong visa to be approved. I could not find a direct flight to Tokyo, but thanks to that, I have the opportunity to do a stop in Vancouver. In Vancouver my passport was not scanning, but the airport staff was nice and helpful. I was able to make it to Haneda airport and I stayed with a lovely local family in Tokyo, who taught me how to get around the city. They also helped me to arrange for a room, so I could stay a week  longer due to my visa processing time. While in Japan I received the good news that my visa was approved! So, I flew to Hong Kong.

My flight to Hong Kong was long due to the weather that day, but all that waiting time was wort it and I finally arrived in Hong Kong. This is my first week experiencing the Hong Kong culture. My program this summer will be to work in a NGO who is trying to raise awareness about environmental issues. Since I arrived later than expected, I had to report to work the next day. For that reason, I decided that I was going to leave my place really early (in case I got lost). The MTR system (train system) in Hong Kong is easy to understand and I just needed to take one train in order to go to work. But Hong Kong has many streets full of stairs and google maps does not help a lot when walking, so that was a challenge during this week.

Every weekend my program offers a group activity and we can join the group activity any time we get a chance. Last week, we went to a science park and we received a tour. After the tour we enjoy some yummy Dim Sum dishes in a place near the science park. The only unfortunate thing about this week is that my laptop is not working, and I had to borrow a friend’s computer in order to post my blog. Hopefully everything will get resolved with my laptop and I am looking forward to writing my second blog. This weekend I will be doing a volunteer service day in the Crossroads foundation in Hong Kong, so I cannot wait to write about it on my blog and post some pictures of my next adventure. Thank you for much for reading!