First days in Perpignan!


Bonjour! I have finally arrived in Perpignan, France and I cannot be more excited about what is to come.

I am staying with a host family in a cute house in the downtown. I live with Corinne and her husband Remy and they are very intersting and nice.

I have been practicing speaking French a lot and I feel like my ability has already increased given the few days I have been here. I am very greatful to the FEA for helping me through this study abroad program.

Corinne has shown me a lot of French cuisine and it is very good. I have become a coffe head these last few days and I don’t know if that is a good thing but it is very good.

I was somewhat apprehensive about my stay in this foreign country but it has been nothing but charms so far.

I miss my family and my friends back home but I will see them soon.

I still have not met a lot of French people since I am not that confident in speaking in French with strangers but I will be trying in the next few days.

Overall, France is beautiful and I love it here.