Finals are a drag.






This Saturday Ani, Vaki, Maria, and I went to a drag party hosted by C.E.U.’s LBGTQI club. Leading up to the event Ani and I went skirt shopping at a local thrift store. We received a fair number of concerned glances, especially when we were trying skirts on in front of the mirror in the middle of the store. All in all, we left with our clothing for the night and it was time to coordinate makeup. Queue Maria, previous queen of scene. Maria agrees to doll up Vaki, Ani, and me. Unfortunately, Maria’s makeup kit was quite limited, and she was getting more inebriated by the minute. Thus our three lackluster heroes  were left to fend for themselves in the makeup department, besides sparkles of course. As we boys did a slapdash job of our lipstick and such, the event hype was really coming to life. Finally at 9:15 we departed into the streets.

It should be mentioned that I was invited to this party by a women I met on tinder. There is some sort of beautiful irony about how I was dressing as a women, to go party and potentially meet a women dressed as a man I thought I may be interested in. The reality was slightly stranger in that she was wearing a rabbits mask, and most people there actually weren’t dressed in drag. The party was also mostly C.E.U. students, which means Ani, Vaki, and I were outliers in that we were in drag and that we weren’t from C.E.U.

When we arrived we walked past two large bouncers into a room of people smoking cigarettes: graduate students, am I right! I originally thought this might be all the party was, which in retrospect I think would have been fun. It’s not every day as a man that you can sit in women’s clothing with good friends, smoke cigarettes and meet, what I would hope to be, intelligent people. We could hear music, though, and advanced upstairs where we almost walked in on a private dog show. Yes the pageant kind, Europe isn’t that wild. Vaki quickly course corrected our group to the actual dance floor in the basement where we promptly got drinks and started to soak in the club like atmosphere. This promptly caused Maria to decide she needed significantly more alcohol and she emptied her purse to satisfy her thirst. This is were our decent into debauchery begins.

Following Maria drinking quickly and excessively I will not go into details since it would take to many words. I ran into the women from tinder wearing a black jumper appearing item and a rabbit mask. Brandon appears. We all danced and then went to smoke. A break for food and cash so Maria can keep drinking. More dance. New folks. Meeting some of the drag queens. Vaki must leave since the buses stop running. Hanging out with the tinder girl. Ani and Maria disappear and they have my keys. No way to get home. Awkwardly explains situation to someone. They agree to let me use their couch.

Included is a picture of us in our drag. Enjoy!