Finally Into December (Hirakata, Japan) 12/1/2016






The year is wrapping up! I’ve only got a couple weeks of school left.

I’m excited for school to end, and to go back home and see my family.
A lot of things have changed back home since I left; my sister both gave birth and got engaged, and that’s brought a huge change to our family.

I’m excited to see my pets and see how big they’ve grown. My family has been telling me all about how my personal cat is missing me, so I’ll be happy to see her, even though I’ll feel even guiltier when I leave her again in a month.

There’s a lot of food that I can’t get here in Japan, too, and I’m looking forward to that, as well. I never thought that something like pints of ice cream would be rare in Japan (and expensive, to boot), and I’ve had plenty of cravings.
On the flip side, once I go back to the US for good, I can already think of quite a few foods from here that were new to me, that I’m going to miss once I live back there.

It’s interesting to think how this short time I’ve spent here will impact me for the rest of my life.