Final Week of Spring Semester…….




Well, this is it,

The final week of a year-long experience that I will never forget. As I prepare to take some time to prepare for finals and start a new chapter of my life, I would like to take the time to say a couple of things. Some of what I will say will be for the people that have supported me along the way and some will be for me, who has always been persistent in becoming the person I am right now. I can safely say that when I look at myself in the next couple of years, I will have become someone who has changed the world.

But anyways, I want to say, thank you to the people at Waseda University for an amazing experience as an exchange student. Being here for the past couple of months has not only broaden my experience in learning a new language but has allowed me to meet new people and enjoy a culture that has a lot to offer. The people here in Japan have been very kind, fun, and interesting to interact with. For everyone that I have met, whether it was at school, where I lived, or even people passing by, I hope one day we meet again as successful individuals. For everyone back at home, thank you for supporting my decision to study abroad. I don’t know where I would have been without the help of some of my professors back home, who helped me apply for scholarships, and provided mental relief when I was unsure of my decisions. Thank you, my family, for giving me the strength to continue to learn and grow.

I know everyone right now is looking for themselves and I just want to say, don’t compare yourself with someone else’s life. Work with what you have and be the best you you can be. It’s not about the end of the destination, but rather it’s about the journey, enjoy every minute of it with the people you care about. Live life as if it were your last. Be the person everyone looks up to you because you never know who is continuing to fight because of your actions. If you can do that, you will live a beautiful life filled with happiness.

As for myself, continue to be the best in what you set yourself into. Don’t waste your life to satisfy others. Be selfish if that allows you to step out of your comfort zone. But most of all, don’t lose yourself in your success. Always remember where you come from and take pride in who you are and what you represent. Help people when they need it. Give people hope, to give them the strength to become something more. I hope by the time you reach your peak age in a couple of years, you will have become the person you were meant to be. Mom can look at you and boast to everyone, “That’s my kid and I am proud I have raised him to be a strong, but gentle man.” With that, I hope to write more of these even after my study abroad ends because they provide me with a sort of self-therapy and help me release some stress I have right now, and hopefully, as my future self or anyone reads these, they can decide what they want. But anyways, take care and stay safe.


July 18th, 2023 03:05:18 am JST