Some of My Favorite Spots in Hong Kong



Being a photographer and a millennial, I am all about Instagram, and Hong Kong has been heaven on Earth for me. From bustling, neon cityscape to relaxing, blue beaches, Hong Kong has it all.Hong Kong is filled beautiful places to make my Instagram feed pop, and I just wanted to share some of my favorite spots for this blog.

Braemer Hill

A lot of tourist sites list Victoria Peak as the must go place to see Hong Kong’s skyline from an aerial view, but personally, Braemer Hill offers one of the most beautiful AND peaceful sceneries in Hong Kong. Braemer Hill is situated on the east side of Hong Kong island and offers views of both HK island and Kowloon sides. I went on a Saturday afternoon, and there were literally only 6 other hikers besides my friend and me. You could actually have a quiet picnic here with your friends (as there are many flat surfaced rocks you could sit on) compared to having to squeeze yourself through crowds of people at Victoria Peak.

Nan Lian Garden

People usually think of skyscrapers when they think of Hong Kong, so it is surprising to find out that there is a Tang-styled Chinese garden in the middle of the city that offers such a serene and tranquil atmosphere to escape the city life and reflect about yourself. Since it is situated in the middle of the city in Kowloon, you can still see skyscrapers in the background which makes for very interesting photos to show the juxtaposition of past and present. You can also kill two birds in one stone by visiting this garden because there is a temple that is walking distance to this garden called the Chi Lin Nunnery.

Pavilion of Harmony

I think the phrase, “Pictures are worth a thousand words” can really be applied to this location. The Pavilion of Harmony is located in Chinese University of Hong Kong and was built in commemoration of Dr. Chien Mu who wrote the, “Concept of the Union of Man and Nature.” The most famous and picture-worthy spot of the pavilion is the pond where photographers come to capture the reflection of the sky on the pond to really demonstrate the concept of the union of man and nature. Therefore, there is no surprise that this place was called “the second most scenic spot in Hong Kong” by former Vice-Chancellor Professor Ambrose King.

Polytechnic University

If you are looking for the perfect spot to do an #OOTD post at, this building at Polytechnic University would be the perfect spot. This building is called the Jockey Club Innovation Tower and is the home to PolyU’s School of Design. It was designed by Pritzker-prized winning architect Zaha Hadid, and it was her first permanent work in Hong Kong. The building is very unique and aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, so it is no wonder that so many photographers come here to capture their photos at.

Cape D’Aguilar

If the word tranquility could be described in a picture, Cape D’aguilar would definitely be it. There is so so many spots that you could take pictures at here, but sunset would probably be the best time to come here for. Since it is located on the southeast side of Hong Kong island, not many people know about this place or are probably too lazy to come, so therefore, you can have this place to yourself. When I went with my friends, there were literally less than ten people here, so it was really nice to have this place to ourselves and just enjoy the beautiful scenery and listen to the the peaceful sound of waves crashing.