Farewell, Aotearoa






Kia Ora! Aotearoa, the land of the long white cloud, is an incredible country. Many people come and go but in respect of the land and reserve the love for the community. As an outsider coming in, New Zealand, people seem friendly but becoming a true friend is incredibly difficult. Other people have fell in love with the existing community that they had built for themselves.

However, my own experience does not constitute that. Coming to New Zealand alone had been one of the most difficult situations to adapt. I try my best to fall in love with the land and nature. I appreciate Maori family culture and community oriented mindset. I wished I was able to become more involved in that community. Below is a poem I wrote about my growth here in New Zealand called “Farewell, Aotearoa.”

Farewell, Aotearoa

Hello, hi, how are you?
Smiling faces everywhere in groups.
You didn’t know anyone here?
I still don’t know anyone here.
Where do you want to go?
Anywhere, I want to see the world.
Always come back here though, this is home.
Kiwis always come back to New Zealand to raise children.

I am lost.
Is anyone out there?

Kia Ora! Breathtaking land.
Kia Ora! Where should I go?

If you ask, I will always have an answer.
But no one asks.
I am not a part of the tangled web.
I want to become a part of the web.

The weather is beautiful.
Can’t wait to explore!
I love, love, love the nature, markets, and all the trinkets.
Where do you find the trinkets?
What do I bring home?

I can’t wait to go home.
Where is my asian community?
Why do people think it is okay to make racist comments?
Why do people think there is not racism here?
Can’t you see?

Aotearoa, a land with the long white cloud
You are beautiful.
You make me feel like my soul belongs to the earth.
You taught me so much about the land, the people, and myself.

Where do I go next?
You prepared me to be calm.
You prepared me to fight.

Kia Ora.