Extreme Weather!






Hi Everyone,

During this week, the pollution has been extremely bad. A good, clear day would be 50 PM or less, but a couple days ago it was about 500 PM. It was really interesting to see this. The world looked so much more gloomy than ever before. If take glance outside, it actually looks brown outside. I really do like living in Beijing, but having to breathe such polluted air is one of the downsides. Right before these couple of days of extremely intoxicating air, I experienced the coldest weather in my whole entire life! It was unbearable and I was completely shocked! I wore one thick pair of wool leggings, a couple layers of sweaters a coat, and a scarf. This was not enough to beat the =8 degrees Celsius (17.6 degrees Fahrenheit)!! Well after this experience, I made sure to definitely bundle up with more clothes! It’s funny because I told some friends about this (from back at California), and they were saying they were really cold at 65 degrees Fahrenheit. I remember feeling the same exact way when I was in SoCal. However, in Beijing, if I see that the sun is out, and the temperature is not below 0, I think its a good day out! :)


How one of the worst polluted days in Beijing looks like! :o(


Me and Nora outside of our classroom! :o)

Other than the weather… next week is my last week of school. I’m not exactly sure how I feel about this because I am feeling a mixture of emotions! One part of me feels ready to leave Beijing because I miss home, but then there’s another part that does not want to leave. I’ve made amazing friends in Beijing, and it is sad thinking about the fact that I will not see them for a very long time! :(