Exploring More of London and Missing Home! (London, Week 3)


Week three in London has been great. I absolutely love being here but I cant help to feel a bit homesick. I enjoy being able to travel around London and see new things but sometimes I wish that some of my friends from home were able to see the things that I am seeing and experience the things that I am experiencing. I will forever be eternally greatful for being able to study abroad because I know that the majority of my friends at were not able to. Either way, I am trying to take advantage of being here and exploring more of London. This week was filled with going to class, doing homework and going to the markets. Since some of my classes align with those of my friends we decided to go to the Borough market to get some fresh fruit and try some new foods from the different sellers there. It was absolutely amazing. I recommend it to anyone who is going to visit London. The fruit there is very cheap, I believe one vendor had a sale for three different types of fruit for 6 GBP! I am currently obsessing over grapes so I was very happy to get three cartons of grapes. We walked around and got a piece of Russian cheesecake from another vendor and it was very delicious. It was a great mental break from the stress of school that week. It was so good that we ended up going back two days later with a friend who had never been before. I think we were just looking for an excuse to go back because every thing looked so delicious! This time we tried the food from the different stands that were set up. There were so many options to choose from. We tried sandwiches from this place called the Black Pig. Probably the best food I have had since being here and it honestly reminded me of home a bit. It was so good, I very much recommend. My friends got some Thai food which I stole a little bit from and it was very good. Overall, this week has been really good. I have built a pattern on how and when I start my homework. I am starting to get a bit more stressed again because midterms are starting to come up next week and the week after. So far it has all been reading and no real projects due but now those project deadlines are coming up so I have to start working on those. Nonetheless, they are all on topics I enjoy so I am happy to do them.