Expectation VS. Reality







I have mentioned this previously, but this is not my first time in the beautiful city of London. I was here a few summers ago studying with my university. I was located in an extremely central location, in Zone 1, minutes from Oxford Street and Tottenham Court Station. With that being my first experience in this city, it was my basis for expectations.

This time around is a bit different. I am now located in a more suburban area in Zone 2 that’s not walking distance from much. Instead of being a few feet away from a tube stop and living right next door to my study center, I now have to take a bus to the tube, go for 7 stops, transfer, go 1 stop, then it is about an 8 minute walk to work from there.

This journey can be up to an hour long, depending on traffic. Clearly, these are two different views of the London life. It’s actually quite humorous in a screw-my-life-type of way, because my old housing is a 10 minute walk to my work. I knew I was privileged to be in the location I was a few summers ago, but now I really know I was privileged.

My location isn’t bad, it’s just not what I was expecting and not my type of area. It would be ideal for someone who likes to escape the city life and can go home to a quiet residential area. I am not that someone, however. I love being fully immersed in the city, day and night. Now, even though I’d prefer to be more in the heart of the city, I now have a different perspective on living in London, and that’s an important thing to have.

If I ever end up living in London, I know I won’t land the location of my dreams right off the bat. I needed this reality check; it gives me a more accurate representation of what my future would look like, and I am grateful for this.


View from my room’s window.