Excursion to Nafplio, Greece!





This weekend I went on an excursion with my group to Nafplio, Greece, a small city off of the coast. It was my favorite place we have visited thus far. We kicked off our one night stay with a tour of the ancient Pallamidi Castle, which was built in to the mountains and overlooks the city of Nafplio, the picture I have included is of me sitting on one of the edges.

The views from this castle were breathtaking, I have never seen anything so beautiful. After leaving the castle and checking in to our hotel, my professor took us on a brief tour of the city, and at the end we stopped at an authentic Italian sorbet/gelato place (I had mango and banana and it was amazing!). After dinner and freshening up, my classmates and I went out to get a taste of the night life in Nafplio.

There were a series of bars/restaurants along the ocean, each of which had couches outside and candles lit. I appreciated the elegant presentation and the relaxing vibe that these places offered. Nafplio is definitely a place I plan to visit again, hopefully with a family of my own. I enjoyed seeing the small town life of Greece, versus the enormous city of Athens where my program is centered.

It was quiet, spacious, and clean, it was really a breath of fresh air. This upcoming weekend I am climbing Mt. Olympus, I am excited and scared for this journey I am embarking on, and will be checking in next week to tell all about it!