Excursion 1: Cajón del Maipo







This past weekend my friends, Sofi and Haines, and I escaped from the city for some nature in Cajón del Maipo, an area southeast and just a couple hours outside of the capital, Santiago. This was my first long-ish distance trip, which made it even more exciting! With our bulky backpacks containing all of our camping supplies, we caught the 9AM bus to Santiago to then took an additional three rides (metro, transfer, metro again, micro). It was long and crowded but so very worth it or, “vale la pena.”

Arriving in San Jose for an empanada lunch break we met a family who came out for some exploring and site seeing for the weekend as well. They ended up inviting us to join them on there little adventure so we were able to drive all through the area stopping to appreciate and absorb the beauty of particular spots including the rainbow waterfall and a glacier with people sledding and children making snowmen. It was amazing!

When we got to Bañas Morales we met a group of other Chilean campers and decided to join forces and set up camp together sharing food, skills, and such good conversation. The stars were some of the most beautiful I have ever seen. My night skies are typically an orangey, purple haze because of all the light pollution. Here the pitch-black air contrasted only when looking up is what nighttime should always look like. Sofi and I lay on our backs for a while to gaze up at them and revel in the rare and perfect moment.

Our next and final day we hiked through the National Park nearby which houses a piece of the breathtaking Andean trail. It was a beautiful trip enhanced by the kindest people and continuous chance (that always worked in our favor). Back to city life now but I will be missing Baña air for sure!