Everything happens for a reason.




“Everything happens for a reason”

I am a strong believer in that saying, and it has been my motto for about 2 years now. With everything that has happened in the past 3 weeks, I am proud to say that the saying has lived up to my reputation. In the beginning of 2019, I was well ready for what was to come in the next couple months. I honestly had some concerns such as, how will I afford this trip, is Italy dangerous, its a 10 hour flight, and just how will I travel everywhere that I want to?

Little to worry though, everything would fall into place just as it should. I had just realized my major as a car designer and I was a little skeptical whether or not I had the skill, or talent to become someone in such a competitive career. I had hoped that going to Italy to study art and ultimately visit Lamborghini would persuade me to further my love for car design. Now when I say everything happens for a reason I would love to tell you about this amazing experience that would only happen because of the love, the ability to show kindness to anyone I see, and my enthusiasm for Lamborghinis and their designs.

I had been planning my trip to Lamborghini for the last free weekend available before we had to go home. My girlfriend and I had embarked on our journey to Bologna Centrale to connect to a train to head to the Lamborghini Factory in Italy. Italy has its fair share of works of art, but these cars, in my eyes, are true works of art rolling on wheels.

I was 110% excited to see these cars and the wonderful design and work put into them since the 1900s. I was planning to pony up a little more Euro’s to see the factory tour that began at 1:30. So that way we could check out the beautiful cars, and then see how they got made. Now we had entered the showroom of one-offs and special edition Lamborghinis and I was just so very ecstatic to see all these cars that I’ve only seen in video games and pictures.  This was a great example of extreme design, Functionality of aerodynamics, and in my opinion, beauty.

Now this would be just the beginning of that unbelievable day that would unwillingly unfold in front of my eyes. We then proceeded to the tour of the factory of Lamborghinis. This factory tour would show us how they made the upholstery, chassis, the engine, and much more. I was more than intrigued at the sight of all the Lamborghinis being assembled and created before me here.

I immediately went to the front of the group, eager to learn and see more of this. I asked question after question to the tour guide, which were questions that went mostly unanswered becuase of the complexity of them, although I really did know most of the answers to my own questions. With all these questions and enthusiasm, I ended up speaking to these 2 gentleman who looked a little like dads, but I was happy to share my knowledge with them.

One of them ended up going up to me towards the end of the tour and willingly told me that him and his friend own 2 new model Lamborghini Aventadors. I immedietly started asking questions and pushing out facts about these two cars. What really surprised me was that they ended up asking me if I would like to see the cars after the tour. My answer was YES!!!!

Now we were walking and getting to the parking lot to see these beauties, and the two gentleman ended up asking me and my girlfriend what are plans were for the rest of the day. I answered with “I dont really know, we wanted to try and go to other car factories, but I’m not sure if we’ll have time”. The man answered me with ” well, we have two extra tickets for Pagani (another car company) if you would like to join us”. I was dumbfounded, and I couldn’t answer… so my girlfriend answered for me. “YES we will go with you!”

This had ended up being one of the greatest days of my life. I had the opportunity to ride in this Lamborghini, and we ended up going to the other muesuem. Now to end my long rant on how much this changed my life, we ended up meeting one of the worlds most sought after car designers, Haracio Pagani. As we stood in front of his first creation, I couldn’t help but think….. Wow, Everthing really does happen for a reason.

Dreams really do come true! Thank you FEA!!!!!!!