Enjoy the Moment






From my observations, I have noticed patterns involving friendship. The friendship between Korean people is structured differently than the friendship between westerners.
It is refreshing to have a handful of Korean friends. The way they interact is really simple and pure. This statement is hard to quantify because it can’t be measured in units, nor can we set up a controlled experiment for hypothesis testing.
What seems to not exist between Korean friends is a, “hidden agenda.” If you ever have the opportunity to have a Korean friend, treat them well. That friend will trust you and do anything to help you.
Recently I have been sad about 3 things. First, my parents inability to assist me with my education. While I don’t ask do a handout or a free ride such as what lots of other students have, I strongly wish my parents could have consigned on my student loans in order to lower my interest rate down from 11.5% ARP. Second, I don’t like competition. Any competitors for resources that I seek make my blood boil. At my home university, my ranking is more than 3 standard deviations above the mean. Here I am just an average B grade student. In addition, it appears the other international students are favored over me. Finally, I plan and worry a lot about what I will do after graduation. With my debt, it appears I will work and get old. As a result, never obtain graduate school or start a family.
What to do about it? I asked my badminton partner about the matter. He was rather shocked. He explained that in order to be happy, one should forget such matters and just enjoy the moment. For the past 2 days, I have implemented that strategy. The results are amazing. Instead of worrying about the things I don’t have, I just feel happy. Small things are bringing me a lot of utility. Whether it is lunch with friends, good weather, or a smile from a classmate.