English Roast with…mint sauce?


Today was my first English roast. There is no better place to try your first English Roast than in the Cotswold’s. An old timey English village with many cottages and greenery. I must say, it was absolutely delicious! The chicken was very moist and lightly seasoned. On top is a piece of bread for “bread pudding”. The bread pudding was not my favorite, but I think I might try in again elsewhere and see if it tastes better. The roast came with broccoli, carrots, and potato wedges. My friend ordered a hot chocolate and looked very soothing on this cold day! In the end, we were very thankful to have order the “child’s roast” because the “adult roast” may have been far too big.

From time to time, I like to pair my chicken with a flavorful sauce. In London, not everyone restaurant will just have ketchup on hand. I ordered something called a “mint mince”. I was a bit skeptical at first. It was a dark green liquid with lumps. It looked like…mince mint! No surprises there. I was it tad unsettled but when paired with my chicken, the mint mince added a sweet and earthy fragrant taste. In conclusion, do not be afraid to be adventurous! Especially when it comes to food.