Engineering dreams do come true




My Engineering Dreams

Ever since I was a freshman in high school, I had a strong passion for Japanese engineering. From artificial intelligence to the robots invented to aid society, it became my dream to learn alongside them. Finally, the time has come that I witnessed my dream coming true before my eyes.

The Dream is Alive

When I first started my internship, I did not know what to expect from Japanese engineers. To my surprise, they were very kind and guided me through learning how to focus my ideas and apply it to the research I conducted. From this, I learned to innovate and create original ideas to create a system for helping the company and the public. Alongside this, I got to see firsthand the Japanese method of engineering and how it affects a project.

Engineering a microcomputer case
Engineering a microcomputer case

Witnessing my ultimate goal

Tokyo has a district on top of a man-made island called Odaiba. Here, contains the new technologies made by the Japanese such as robotics and 3D printing systems. As a result, I decided to go there to see Japanese engineering in practice. While there, I toured a place full of engineering marvels that inspired me to further my progress in my career:

ASIMO: This robot created by Honda shows the beginning of humanoid robotics through the tricks it performs.


Food 3D-Printer: A system that uses a food-based filament to print edible 3D prints to help fight food shortages.


Food 3D Printer
Food 3D Printer


Futuristic Cars: Toyota developed a new line of cars that uses 5G to revolutionize transportation.


Futuristic Car
Futuristic Car

In the end, my experiences in Tokyo introduced me to a growing industry and the possibilities that are still open for discovery. Now, I hope to use all that I learned to help the U.S. build tech inspired by the Japanese.