End of week 1!!!!!!!!!




Taken at the History Festival.


This weekend was super fun. First off, on Saturday we went to visit a rebuilt palace of the tsars.(dvorets aleksiya mihaelovicha) The architecture and Art inside was Amazing. I’m a little disappointed however that I was not allowed to take pictures inside unless I paid an extra fee.

We also attended a Russian Historical festival, which was basically like a renaissance festival.  That was also amazing and I took lots of great pictures. That night we were invited over to play cards with the Russian students that lived downstairs. They taught us how to play a game called mafia, and in return we taught them Egyptian Rats. This was an amazing experience and great practice for improving my Russian.

            On Sunday we originally had plans to go to the red square and see what was going on, since it was Moscow’s birthday, however things changed when we got there. The stations were closed off due to a parade, which we waited an hour for but never seemed to begin…. so unfortunately we had to go. I did manage to take pictures of some flag bearers however. When we left we decided to pick a random street (trechkovskaya) downtown and go explore it. I’m glad we did because it was amazing, at this point I really felt like I was in Moscow. I took tons of pictures, please make sure you check them out. Finally the night ended with us playing cards with the Russian students who lived in the dorms downstairs. The students here speak English well, and have been very inviting. I can’t wait for next weeks experiences.