Embracing Your Individuality


Living abroad comes with the challenge of feeling lonely at times. It is completely valid and normal to experience these feelings. Personally, it comes in waves. One day I am enjoying my time and the next I feel extremely isolated. From my perspective, being alone at first is always uncomfortable, but you can learn so much about yourself as an individual. I find it a form of self-care to venture out and do things on your own. For instance, going to a café and enjoying a nice brunch, or reading a book at a park, is the best form of self-care. Not everyone is going to be there with you or be able to join you on adventures. And just because no one can join your plan, doesn’t mean you can’t do the thing you wanted to do. My perspective has changed as a result of experiencing life in London. I’ve learned that the fear of being by yourself should not hold you back from the greatest experiences that you will regret not doing when you look back on your life.

I have learned so much here and I am beyond grateful. Not only am I learning to love my own company, but I have also definitely grown to embrace myself and the things I like. Formerly, no matter what I did, whether it was taking a picture somewhere in public or just sitting alone appreciating a moment, I thought it was super embarrassing. But guess what? It is not embarrassing because if you can look back with no regrets and creates happiness for you, it does not matter at the end of the day. So, take that picture, and be the tourist because you are only young once.