‘Ello London






Borough Market

The beginning of this journey began after our arrival to Gatwick airport. Upon arriving to London our first trip was visiting the Borough Market to enjoy our first British meal of Fish and Chips. The borough market is the oldest food market in London dating back to the 12th century.

The market was a perfect representation of the city itself, it combines a cultural and architectural mix of the urban and rural aspects of London. The big Borough Market is located in a convenient shelter underneath a bridge that brings together the people of London to enjoy the mix of produced and non produced foods as well as different cultured foods and goods.

Tower Bridge

Following our visit to the Borough Market, we walked through Potters Park to enjoy the beautiful view of the Tower Bridge overlooking the city of London. Growing up, I can remember seeing pictures of London as being a city with many historical structures that exists from centuries ago,

I was surprised to see that London is far different today. I was very upset to see the beautiful city being transformed to a metropolitan one that wants to resemble New York. People, like me, who come from a metropolitan city, don’t want to see skyscrapers, we want to see historical buildings. I loved everything about London, by far it has been my favorite city.

I enjoyed how diverse the city is and how many languages are spoken within the city. I was very surprised to see how clean, and nice the people are, these people are well mannered and take pride in their British upbringing. The public transportation was so well structured and clean. I have been inspired by the European look as well, being well dressed psychological made me feel so put together.

Windsor Castle

The highlight of my trip was visiting the Windsor Castle. The castle itself holds so much history and beautiful designs surround it from the inside out. Hearing the audio recording as you go through the Windsor Castle was very essential, the guided tour is very interesting and explains the history and the meaning behind each room that you walk through. The United Kingdom itself has so much history.

During this trip I couldn’t help but wish that I could have been more knowledgeable of the important part this country takes, especially in today’s society which is essential to know. The very last room will remain in my memory until the day I die. I am so blessed to have been able to see the Duchess of Sussex’s wedding dress in person, Meghan Markle’s. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle married this year in May, and the dress will only be on display for three months this month being the last. Meghan is an American, and she is the first one to become part of the royal family with no royal ties and that is American. I enjoyed London very much, and the next time I will return will be in 2021 to visit the newly renovated Big Ben.