El Saqueo no Ayuda en Nada





Last week, rapper Pablo Hasél was arrested after the release of his song insulting the Spanish Crown. Spain is supposed to be a democracy with freedom of opinion… unless the opinion is bad-mouthing the crown, of course. Demonstrations and protests have been going on throughout the country to argue for freedom of expression in this “democracy”. Over the past weekend, however, the protesting turned into looting, vandalism and damages worth more than 750,000 euros of higher-end stores and businesses. What does this do for the cause?

Freedom of expression is worth fighting for. But looting only hurts the community you’re trying to fight for. No one is taking the message seriously when all you’re causing is angry noise.

It’s instances like these where I am reminded of and take time to appreciate the privilege of living in a true democracy where my opinion can be voiced.