Eat. Pray…Breathe





Coming home from church today with some of my housemates, I began to think about the film Eat Pray Love. As I head into week 4 of my Swedish experience, I think I could accurately describe it with those terms.  I would also add “Learn” as I am certainly doing that, both in and out of the classroom!

Eat – I decided right before coming here that I would eat what was put in front of me (within reason).  No questions. No trying to have it made a different way, or with/without whatever. No thinking about calories.  It’s amazing how delicious and satisfying even the simplest food is when you just eat it.

Pray – I don’t think I could go a day without prayer if I tried (but why would I try?). I’ve found a few kyrkans (churches) to fellowship with here on Sundays. Services are surprisingly similar and I am even able to sing along on occasion. Mostly though it’s about having that time in the presence of the Lord with other believers.  The language, denomination, and/or details of the service may be different but the praise and the faith is always the same.

­Breathe – I know it was “love” for Julia Roberts, and if I stumble across it, great– but I noticed this past weekend that something was different for me.  I realized that I am breathing. Yes, I know we are all breathing topside of the ground but I mean I’m not stressing about any of the gazillion little things I would normally allow to occupy some portion of my day back at home. I am just living in these moments and experiences…just breathing. And I am loving that!