My Dream Came True



The main reason why I chose Hong Kong as my study abroad destination was because I grew up watching Hong Kong dramas, specifically dramas produced by the most popular TV studio in Hong Kong called TVB. One of my goals before arriving to Hong Kong was to visit the TVB studio and tour around the sets that they use to film their dramas in. During the first few months here, I realized how hard this dream would be as there were no tours available, and the only way I could get inside the studio would be through connections. As a result, whenever I introduce myself to people, I would tell them that I am a huge TVB fan hoping that they would know information on how to get a tour of the TVB studio. After months of doing this, I found THAT person.

I was at an event hosted by the International Society Club and met this girl who I bonded really well with. When I told her my reason for studying abroad in Hong Kong, she was shocked and told me that her father was invited to TVB’s 50th anniversary charity event and that she had extra tickets. I literally could not believe what I heard and cannot believe that my longtime dream since I was a little boy would come true.

On the day of the event, I was in awe the entire night. I saw actors and actress I grew up watching and even took pictures with Liza freaking Wong who is considered queen of TV dramas in Hong Kong. Towards the end of the show, my friends and I decided to sneak off and take it upon ourselves to tour around the sets. It was so thrilling as we were able to see the studio sets that they use to record their ancient costume dramas. To be able to stand in front of the buildings and signs that I literally watched growing up was the most surreal and amazing experiences in my life. My dream became reality that night, and I could not be more thankful.