Does Culture Shock Ever Disappear? pt. 2


Originally I planned on going to Seoul Tower this week but plans changed and I went to the zoo instead. It was a really nice experience and I would definitely do it again on a cooler day. Being flexible when decision-making is a good skill to have in a new environment because it forces you to let go of expectations. To get to the zoo, I had to take the metro and it became very confusing when the driver began kicking everyone off midway between my destination. I was very confused, and if I were in the United States, I probably would have just called an Uber to take me home. Here, that is an option, but I still wanted to explore it. So I used the resources at my disposal to find a way to get to the zoo and I made it. If I had been impatient and given up when things became confusing or difficult (believe me they did) I would not have been able to see the beautiful view of the zoo. Slowly taking it day by day!