Do Not Exceed (1) Checked Bag and (1) Carry-On – Learning How to Pack up My Life Compactly.





What a wild ride. Every time I think about leaving (less than 25 hours from now!), my heart starts racing.

Oh… Actually, that might just be the 5 cups of coffee I downed to create some motivation for all this packing.

Packing my life up is the strangest feeling. Maybe it would be easier if I were only going for 3 months and was staying in one place the whole time. But packing like this, for 9 months, with a 6-8 week break halfway through (currently compiled of ambiguous travel plans that may include Cambodia OR Nepal OR Malaysia OR the Maldives) is just too overwhelming. I guess I can rest assured that since Bangalore is in fact, a major world city, virtually everything I could possibly need will be over there. Execept, apparently, twinkies, as I found out when I received a message from a fellow couchsurfer, requesting that in exchange for buying me a cup of coffee when I get there, she would like a souveneir reminding her of her own time in the U.S. a few years ago. Twinkies, apparently, are international celebrities and are very hard to get your hands on abroad. Good to know at least one of the things in my luggage is a must-have.