Disfruta el Proceso





The pictures below are of two of my many creations I have made so far in my “Picasso, Dali, Matisse and Mediterranean Art” class. To the mundane eye, they seem average, if that. However, as I have learned already from artists like Pablo Picasso and Salvador Dali, the way art makes you feel while(!) you’re creating it is just as important as the way it makes you feel when it’s done. While the final products make me smile in a laughing-at-them kind-of-way, they also make me smile because of the peace and joy I felt while making them. Life is much like art in this sense. You mustn’t work yourself to death striving towards the end goal that you forget about living in the present and enjoying each day as it comes. Enjoy the process. This is where your stories are. This is where you are growing.