Delphi Trip





The Morning of

So today is Saturday and my friends and I planned a trip to Delphi. The plan was to get up at 5 and leave the house at 6. Of course that didn’t go to plan. We left the house at 6:20 which was kind of an indicator of how our day is going to be. We ran to the train station and we were off. At some point, we had to change stations but that’s besides  I like to say that things run on Greek time in Greece, meaning nothing runs on time here. We made it to the station at 7:30 sharp and the bus leaves at 7:30. 

The bus is about to leave and we barely make it. So my friends and I RUN to the bus and we managed to get on 7:31. They didn’t ask for tickets, so I guess it was based on the honor system. Right now, I am sitting on the bus, trying to catch my breath. The one time I was running on Greek time, is the one time everyone else isn’t. The bus ride is about two and a half hours long and I don’t look forward to that but I hope the ruins will be worth it.


So they asked for my ticket and I don’t have it (I forgot to print it). At this point I am panicking and I am thinking they’re going to kick me off the bus. I show them the approved transaction and I am holding my breath. They get their roster and asks me to confirm my name. I confirm and they nodded and moved on and they saw that I was American and came off as incompetent. I finally made it to Delphi and it’s hot. It’s hard to walk and according to my health app I am already at around 3000 steps. I walk up to the ancient site of Delphi, which was once thought to be the center of the world. We walked the sacred way, visited the Athenian treasury, the Amphitheater, Stadium of Delphi, and Temple of Apollo. We also saw the famous Charioteer of Delphi.

The Stadium of Delphi.


Charioteer of Delphi.

The View

After we finished, we had lunch and the view was amazing. The restaurant was very hustle and bustle. But after our meals, they gave us a raspberry cheesecake on the house and it was a very welcoming gesture. My friends and I walked in the street of Delphi and wandered into a few gift shops.

One gift shop was especially welcoming (it was run by couple). The wife was from Denmark and the husband was from Crete. They were suggesting places for us to go in Delphi as well as other islands. They were asking us where we were from and were telling us to keep traveling and live our best lives while we’re young. As a parting gift, they gave us a good luck charm wished us the best. We wandered for a while and then concluded our trip in a cafe. I got a chocolate cone and we just talked about our experiences so far. 

My ice cream cone featuring the view.

Heading Back Home

Right now we’re heading back and I am so tired. I am at 13,000 steps and I can’t feel my legs. But I look forward to looking back at the pictures we took.