Delphi and Arachova





Delphi is a town on Mount Parnassus. It’s the site of the temple of Apollo, and was once home to a legendary oracle. Now, all that is left of the mythical town is ruins of stadiums, treasury, and monuments. Our second trip in Greece was to these two small towns side by side to each other. Two hours from Athens, traveling to Delphi leads you through the Greek countryside. Home to sprawling snow-capped mountains, jagged red rocks, lakes, and interesting birds. Our tour guide explained the history of Delphi and its connection to Greek history, for example in pre-B.C. times, people would travel from all over Greece to see the oracle to get a vision of their future.

Directly five minutes down the road is Arachova. A small ski and tourist town. There is only one road that runs directly through to the main town and to Delphi. The town over the years has molded itself to the demand of the tourist industry but at the root of this town is rich gourmet and historical riches. Walking down through its narrow cobblestone streets, the history of the greek people felt more prominent here. The people were uber friendly, asking us where we were from, how long we were here, and if we were liking Greece. The greeks like to say they were the start of civilization (which can be up to debate.) and proud that their culture and traditions have stayed strong despite the tumultuous history over the decades. Our tour guide like to say, “Us Greeks, we don’t like to follow rules. That’s why we’ve last so long,”


The oracle of Delphi was considered to be the center of the world. People came from all over Greece and beyond to have their questions about the future answered by the oracle, the priestess of Apollo. And her response was always cryptic but could determine the course of everything to when war would be declared. Interestingly the Pythia was chosen from upper class, well-educated women in society, once the previous Pythia died. Her answers were always given in a trance like state that we now know could have been under the influence of some type of hallucination drug or gas. Hearing this information my understanding of ancient greek develop even more. Now Greece has developed into a strong nation equal for both men and women but during those times men traditionally held more power than the women. Women had little roads to success and independence separated from a man. Any notion of feminism on a public scale was nonexistent. In present-day Greece women have the opportunity to pursue education, jobs, and more without needing the presence of a man. This not only show a country growth and development in vauling all of their citizens but it shows development as a world. The little girls I -saw in the city square could play soccer as well as cook and clean. They aren’t held down to old traditional values. They exemplify that every citizen is needed and appreciated. Contributing to grecian culture in valuable ways. On my campus I have powerful women influence like Sophie, our Wellness Coordinator and Pilates instructor. She’s worked on the campus for almost fifteen years helping to better the students holistically and well. My creative writing professor, Adrienne, who allows us to show up and be our best selves in our writing. These women embody the new women of greece and create a atmosphere of doing.

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