Delhi Belly






Spent the last 24 hours in hell – I got really sick yesterday (all the lovely things associated with “Delhi Belly”, vomiting, diarrhea, etc.) and had to stay home from the trip to the non-profit. And I haven’t been able to eat anything that I kept down for more than an hour or so since. Water is hard to drink, I just have to take tiny sips and hope I don’t throw it up too. I also threw up the anti-diarrheal pill, so that did nothing for me. I think I just have to wait this one out.

Unfortunately as well, our internet has been down for a few days and we don’t have cell phones yet, which just adds to the feeling of isolation. I was able to pick up on an open Wi-Fi network for a few minutes and Skype with my sister back home but unfortunately, I think that just made me more depressed when it cut out. Being sick makes me 1000x more homesick too – all I want are those comforts of having family and friends around, of having easily accessible medicine if needed, or ginger tea, or mellatonin to help me sleep, or just some comforting hands. My roommate was super sweet and got me some crackers/bread on her way home but I haven’t tried eating anything yet. Sleeping is also harder than ever before, I toss and turn for hours and wake up early, unable to fall back asleep (4:30am today). Finally, last night, for some unknown reason, our internet came back on for a few hours and all of us Skyped with our families. It was one of the hardest things I’ve done, I just feel so vulnerable and upset and I don’t want to worry them. On the other hand, thank God for it, because I don’t think I could handle 9 months without seeing their faces. 

When I woke up so early this morning, I tried the internet again, but it must have been a fluke because it’s not working again.