Decisions, Decisons, Decisions


I am currently in the midst of midterm essays and exams both written and oral. So much work, but then comes the release of Spring Break! I am so excited for spring break! I have put together a trip to Seville and Paris. I am so excited that I can hardly contain myself.

I feel so free it is incredible! I decided when I created this trip for myself that I would experience all I can and that is what I am doing. It’s hard to believe that I created this, let alone the fact that it is real and I am experiencing it! The world is such a beautiful place to explore. It is amazing to see the similarities in ourselves with others around the world; what was they are we and we are me. Meeting people of different cultures and languages is so amazing and eye opening.

This experience has and continues to be a turning point in my life. After years of raising children and taking care of my parents, and full time work and sometimes night jobs and weekend jobs, I can finally experience life to its fullest doing what I love best! Learning, interning work with children, experiencing culture, cuisine and art, and most importantly experiencing myself in all of this!