Day Trip: Suma Beach and Kobe






Last weekend my friends and I decided it was time to go swimming before the weather got too cold. After doing some research, we decided to head to Suma beach before getting dinner afterward in Kobe.


Map indicating Kobe’s location. Credit:

We took 4 trains to get from Hirakata to Kobe. It took about an hour to get there. On the last train we talked with an old woman named Sayaka. She asked where we were from, and was happy to hear that people wanted to come visit her town. She ended up giving us advice on where to go once we got to the beach and even walked us partway there.


Picture taken outside Sumakaihinkōen Station in Kobe. Left to right: Chylee, Maddie, Sayaka, Me, Gabby, Elise

The weather was colder than the forecast said it would be, but it was still nice. We bought snacks from a convenience store (or コンビニ konbini), and another friend brought bluetooth speakers. The ocean was warm enough to swim in and the sun came out often enough to keep us warm. Overall, it was really relaxing and reminded me of the beaches at home in California.


Suma Beach in Kobe. Credit:

While on the beach we met a few more people. This included a couple with a dog named Adzuki. Yes, like the bean. We also met an older man who came over and talked to us. He told us he studied English in high school and still remembered some despite 50 or so years passing. He asked us about college, our majors, how we like Japan, etc. We spoke mostly in Japanese, and even talked a little about the current political climate. Later, we asked him if he had a recommendation for a place to eat dinner, and he recommended that we head over to Higashimon street.

Higashimon street in Kobe.
First look at Higashimon street in Kobe with the crew.

We found Higashimon pretty easily and it was so busy it almost felt like we were back in Osaka. We walked around for a bit, looking for a good restaurant to get some Kobe beef or 神戸牛 Kobe-gyu. Eventually, after walking around, we found a restaurant with good reviews and a menu we could read. As always, the wait staff seemed relieved that we could speak and understand Japanese, and we were seated immediately.

We treated ourselves to a four course meal. The majority of the meal (with the exception of soup and salad) was prepared on a grill built into our table. We kept our plates right on the edge of the grill so the chef could easily serve us as soon as the food was ready. This was probably one of the most delicious things I’ve ever ate in my life.


Delicious Kobe beef
My first portion Kobe beef, cooked medium rare and served with toasted garlic chips on top.

If you ever get a chance to eat this, please take it. It’s only been a week but I’ve been dreaming about Kobe beef in my sleep.

Shortly after we finished our meals we started to head back home, exhausted from a long day of relaxing.