Day in Oxford!


Today, my university took us to Oxford University. I had very high hopes for this visit and I was very excited to be able to attend. When I think of Oxford, I think of a very prestigious institution with a beautiful architectural landscape. From this trip, I learned that Oxford is more than just the university. It is a vibrant town that attracts tourists, Harry Potter fans, and of course students.

We took a bus to Oxford. When finally arrived, I was easily impressed. I felt as though I were enclosed in a mystical town. All the buildings looked like castles. They were all the sandy brown in color and the only aspect that really differentiated one for the other was the texture of the building. For example, some buildings had bricks while others had intricate arches, enormous windows, columns, and jagged points.

At Oxford, we were given a guided tour by a local. From the guided tour, I learned of the history of the university. Specifically, why there are so many gates and doors. As I learned from the tour, schools at Oxford are enclosed within a wall. When the university opened ages ago, these gates and walls were to keep the students safe but also to reduce any of the conflicts that occurred between the students and the locals. We had the chance to enter one of the schools and once you walk past the doors, it truly does feel like you are in a town within a town. It is quite fascinating.

Once the tour was over, I had a chance to explore Oxford’s market place where I enjoyed a milkshake. I also bought some lunch with friends at the legendary Turf Tavern. There, I enjoyed my first British traditional mushroom pie. It was quite delicious. In all, I enjoyed my time at Oxford.