Day 8: Westminster Walking Tour & Winton Gallery


Our last day in London was the best day of our journey, at least for me. We got to see so many amazing places while on our walking tour of London. We saw the Buckingham Palace from the outside and we even saw the changing the guard, which I thought was pretty cool and I loved how many of the old traditions were still going on to this day in London. We also went to Westminster Abbey and saw the building from outside. We didn’t get to go in but it seemed very grand and beautiful from where we stood. We did have time however to go to their gift shop where I purchased many of my gifts for my friends and family. Afterward, we were given two hours of free time where we could shop and eat lunch. I ended up eating Mcdonald’s because it was a food I could eat on the go and got the chicken garlic mayo snack wrap, which was the most amazing snack wrap I’ve ever eaten if we had those in the States I would give all my money to Mcdonalds every day. Stephanie and I then saw the place where Issac Newton used to live in and we even got to go into a church underground. We bought, and we saw many amazing things while we were looking for more places to shop we saw a Waterstone which is like a Barnes & Noble, where you can shop for books. I loved every second of it because the books were much cheaper in London than back home. I purchased two books for myself and we headed towards our meet-up spot where I grabbed the most amazing ice cream, hazelnut flavored on the way to our meet-up time. The second group was late by 30 minutes so we had to wait for them. We soon headed towards the underground so that we could take a train to the Winton Gallery. There we first went into the Mathematics part of the measure where we saw many incredible things and even some human skulls that were used to measure if someone was good or bad. News flash it didn’t predict any accurate results. We also saw the ATM, Automatic Teller Machine, the one on display was one of the earliest models that came out in 1973. It used a giant IBM that made mathematical encryption. There was also a gradiometer and plummet clinometer that was from 1663. It was used by surveyors. Another thing we saw at the museum is the architectonic sector made of ivory and silver. Which were used as compasses for measuring. News flash it didn’t predict any accurate results. Overall, it was such a nice day out in London and I loved every second of it.