Day 2: First Day of Class + Summer Rain!





Today was my first day of class and it was super fun! I’m taking a psychology class during my stay here and my professor is very nice and humorous. I already know it’ll be a fun and interesting class. Our main semester assignment is to talk to the locals in the area and ask them about American stereotypes, so I am already curious to see the results of our project.

I also found a great little spot to eat my lunch right by where my classroom is. It’s a small bench facing a calm river. Today I ate a bento box lunch from a convenience store at this little spot I found. This one had fish, rice, and some other vegetables. I really enjoyed it and I hope they stock more of it for tomorrow!

After class, I walked with some of my classmates back to the guesthouse we are all staying at because the weather was very nice out. It was cloudy, so it was not nearly as hot as it was yesterday. Also, it started to rain! Since I was born and raised in Southern California, rain is not very common; especially during summer when rain is basically non-existent. It was so beautiful out and I felt so at bliss walking through such a gorgeous city.

Here’s an image from my walk home. Isn’t it gorgeous?

Also, as I was approaching my guesthouse, I discovered a dessert store and I stopped in. Wow, it sure was worth it! It was so tasty. I’ve had similar desserts in America, but they are far from beating what this local shop had to offer. I ordered a matcha green tea ice cream and a sweet potato filled waffle. Here’s some photos!

Everything from the texture to the ice cream to the  cone was slightly different compared to traditional American ice cream cones. However, these small differences really made these desserts taste so much better! I know I will be back when on my way home from class.

Last but not least, we also had our welcome dinner tonight to wrap up the day. It was all you can eat Shabu-Shabu. I’ve never had Shabu-Shabu before so I was really excited to try it because I already knew I would enjoy it.

I was right. The food was amazing and the experience was different as well. Prior to entering, we all had to remove our shoes. This is the first time I have ever been in a restaurant that asked us to remove our shoes. All the employees were also very friendly and the service was amazing. I’m still surprised that tipping is not a custom here in Japan, otherwise I would have tipped very well for such amazing service!

I have officially wrapped up my day, and I may run out really quick to go make a bento box purchase from a convenience store before going to bed. I already have a doctors appointment already made for me in the morning for my eye, so I have to be up and ready to go to that. So I will not have time to run to the store prior to pick up breakfast.

Till next time!