Event: Joint University Mass Dance.

The University of Hong Kong is always hosting events. From high table dinners, open audience debates, study abroad fairs to heritage performances on the quad of the main campus. Today, the Joint University Mass Dance show was hosted at HKU where groups of college dance groups from all of Hong Kong commenced to have a dance off. The audience was supportive, loud and overall had a great time! Enjoy the pictures.

Participating teams came from The Hong Kong University of Science & Technology, Open University, Chinese University of Hong Kong and etc. Their dance set an vibrating uproar and rounds of cheers on the Happy Camp platform the entire afternoon.

The groups that received the most support danced hip hop style. Others used novel concepts such as young elementary students carrying duck beak shaped bookbags. Others as shown on the left sported tougher urban look.

Volunteering at the study abroad fair.

Library laptop rental.