Culinary and Academic Adventures: Navigating Courses in the Heart of Italy!





Ciao from Italy once again! I’m excited to give you a sneak peek into my academic life here in this incredible country. Let’s dive into the courses that aren’t just about textbooks and assignments but are painting my Italian adventure in the brightest hues.

Italian I & II: Language of La Dolce Vita

Enrolling in Italian I & II was a no-brainer for me. I figured since I will be living and traveling around Italy for four months, I might as well learn the language so I could communicate properly! As I’ve said in some of my previous journals, living in Torino, Italy is not for the weak. Not many people here know English so if you need to get things done, you’ll need to know some basic Italian at least. One of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had communicating in Italian has been going to my local nail salon and being able to describe the nail service I wanted. It was rough, as I’m not a professional Italian speaker yet, but little wins!

These Italian courses aren’t just about lessons; they’re my golden ticket to connecting with locals and understanding the vibrant Italian culture. Each new phrase feels like a secret code to unlock the magic of la dolce vita, making every chat a bit more enchanting.

International Human Rights: An eye-opening experience

My International Human Rights course has been eye-opening, unveiling the intricate tapestry of global narratives since World War II. We delve into the foundations of international law and politics, exploring the functions of human rights organizations. Through critical discussions on topics like free speech, education, discrimination, and healthcare, the course goes beyond theory, connecting concepts to real-world implications. Visits to historic sites like Krakow emphasize the importance of safeguarding human rights. Personally, this course has expanded my awareness, revealing some of the most significant atrocities and violations against human rights. Without it, I might not have encountered these crucial issues. It’s more than a class; it’s a call to action and a window into a global consciousness.

Supply Chain Management: Academia Meets Adventure

For the most part, I’m taking Operations Management as a degree requirement, but it’s become more than that. This course equips students with the concepts and techniques crucial for effective decision-making in the realm of supply chain strategies. Covering a spectrum of topics related to analytical methods supporting organizational decisions, we delve into the intricacies of supply chain dynamics. From evaluating scenarios to applying analytical techniques and performing quantitative analyses, the course goes beyond theory, offering practical insights for effective supply chain management in manufacturing and service environments. During an unforgettable class field trip, we visited the Lavazza coffee factory in Torino, offering us a unique insight into the real-world application of supply chain management. Exploring the factory’s operations provided a tangible connection to our course material, showcasing the practical side of supply chain management. This hands-on encounter not only made our academic study more vivid but also turned it into a meaningful exploration of real-world processes.

Italian Cuisine: A Tasty Detour

Who wouldn’t want to whip up Italian dishes in Italy? Despite the initial hesitation due to the class location, the journey there has turned into a mini-adventure. From making pasta to perfecting tiramisu, each class is a celebration of Italy’s culinary richness. It’s not just recipes; it’s immersing myself in the smells and tastes of authentic Italian dishes. Take a look at a couple of things I’ve learned to make from scratch!

Beyond Textbooks:

As I navigate these courses, each day adds a new chapter to my Italian story. The classroom is more than a place of learning; it’s where academic knowledge dances with the vibrant tapestry of local life. Beyond the textbooks, I’m picking up the language of the streets, tuning into the melodies of local conversations, and savoring the flavors that define Italy.

Conclusion: A Mind and Palate Feast

Ciao Italia, you’re not just a classroom; you’re a canvas where my learning and exploration blend seamlessly. With Italian phrases on my lips, human rights in my heart, operational insights in my mind, and the aroma of Italian cuisine in the air, I’m diving into each day with excitement. Here’s to the uplifting journey of learning, one classroom and one kitchen adventure at a time!