cph moments: the arrival


I was welcomed to Copenhagen with grey askies and drizzles, weather i would soon come to know as typical in Denmark winters. Navigating the airport proved to be fairly easy. After a quick welcome meeting at nearby hotel, we were separated only shuttle buses for dropoff at our various housing.

For this semester, I am living in stads kollegium. kollegiums are essentially Denmark’s version of student housing, as that is mainly who resides in them. At Stads, I live in a 3 person apartment. I share my room with another DIS student while my other roommate has her own room she lives here full time.

later in the evening, there was a pizza welcome dinner in the common room. the buzz of it all, the slightly awkward process of asking people get to know you questions felt a bit like a freshman year i never had. my roommate let me choose the pizza. honestly, I think I chose incorrectly. it was a little too salty for my taste. but the dinner was fun! already i am a fan of the people living here. I am excited for what this semester will bring.

the next morning, I awoke to an apartment full of amazing sunlight. my room last year had terrible natural light so this feels like luxury.