COVID and Classes


This past week I have been feeling under the weather with a cold. It seems that something is going around because I have noticed other students with cold symptoms as well. At school, COVID precautions are still in place with a reduced number of students during seminars, and I make sure to keep wearing my mask. Students are also required to take a COVID test twice a week. The school provides self-test kits that students can take home. These are rapid antigen tests, and the results need to be reported to the NHS website. I have been pretty much at home since classes on Thursday, waiting for my symptoms to subside. Over the weekend, I have been working on my third essay. I just need to make some revisions, and it should be ready. This week, I also started to prepare for my fourth essay for the module on Terrorism and Political Violence. The prompt requires students to evaluate the term “new terrorism” and explain whether we agree with the term or not. I have searched for sources and read the necessary material, and I plan to start writing today. The university recently informed international students, who are only here for one term of the due date for the essays that will replace the final exams in each module. This date has been set for January 21st. This means that I will need to write four more essays by that date. I would like to have everything completed before January 10th, as my classes in the Spring start that day. Time will be a little tight, but I hope I can make it work. I am also preparing for my return to the US, and I have already registered for classes for the next semester. I will be taking five Linguistics classes to complete my minor requirements, and in the summer, I will take two classes towards my major. After that, I should have completed all my requirements for graduation. I know this last semester will be busy as well, but I am excited! Today, I started to feel better and decided to go for a short walk. I saw a lovely rainbow!