The Countryside of Vietnam – Tu Bong





My family is from Tu Bong, a village located in central Vietnam. There are two types of weather in this area: hot and humid, or hot and rainy. The blazing sun can sizzle your skin and the rain can flood your house. In the eyes of a foreigner, it would seem insane for anyone to live in this kind of environment, but for the villagers, this is their home, and for some, this is all they know.

During this trip, I was very fortunate to be able to visit Tu Bong. It is a very small town and everyone knows everyone else. It seems like everyone begins their life at dawn and by 6 am you can hear motorbikes and people hustling around. In this part of the country, people work early in the morning, come home around noon to eat and nap, and then return to work until early evening. The atmosphere dies down at dusk and by sunset most families were off to bed.

My favorite thing to do in Tu Bong is to visit its market. I liked walking around and experiencing the varieties of food, fruits, desserts, drinks and everything else that this place has to offer. I know most people are advised not to eat street food, but when you’re in Vietnam and especially in a small town, this is a must have experience. My favorite dish is nem cuon, which is a spring roll filled with different types of vegetables and strips of flavored ground pork. This dish has a special sauce made from carrots. It has a very thick consistency and it is DELICIOUS. I know a lot of people who would drench their spring roll in this sauce. Unfortunately, I did not take a picture of this dish but I do have pictures of fantastic Che (a well-known Vietnamese dessert) and lots of fruits.

Aside from eating my way around Tu Bong, I also enjoyed riding around the village. The most beautiful view in Tu Bong is the endless rice paddies. They are so green and lively. The wind glides right by you, giving your skin a much-needed break from hot humid air. I wish I could tell you more about this beautiful place, but neither words nor pictures can do this place justice, but for now, let’s settle for a picture.