Hello everyone, I have just arrived in Costa Rica! Below are a couple of photos of my first day. I arrived in Santa Clara, where I explored the local town, Saint Carlos. Depicted in the photo below are a couple of my fellow program participants and myself with a local name Rudy. Rudy is located on the far right, just behind me (I’m in the white). Rudy has been living in Saint Carlos for a few years as he has immigrated from Cuba. He was generous and showed us around town and a few Spanish lessons. As we toured around, a local farmer at the farmers market offered to let us try some fruit I had never heard of before. In the other photo is Hallie (fellow program participant), holding the Guaba fruit found commonly around Central America. Unlike other Latin American countries, Costa Rica will open up the Guaba as depicted and open it up and split it in two. Then place the seeds in their mouth, scrape off the white fleshy part, and spit out the seeds. The Guaba tasted amazing a sweet, and it was like nothing I had ever tasted before. I hope you enjoyed the glimpse of my first day in Costa Rica. Check back later this week for some more photos. Until next time,