Cooking a Tasty Dish




Today was another exciting day. I noticed on the calendar that there was a Thai activity scheduled. Since the first Thai activity in the market was extremely fun, I was looking forward to the second and last Thai activity for the summer course. After our classes for the day, we met with our Thai instructors to take us to the place where we were going to cook a Thai dish. Once we arrived at the restaurant, we walked towards the back and there were three portable stoves waiting for us. The chef came in and we gathered around the stove in the front of the room. The chef began to cook and told us the steps of how to make chicken tum yum soup. Back in the United States, in my family, when we make tum yum soup we would use a pre-made packet of tum yum flavor powder. However, when the class learned how to make tum yum soup with all natural ingredients, it was exciting.

We split into two groups and began following the steps for the soup. After adding all the ingredients in, we let the pot sit on the flames to boil. Once we were done letting the soup boil, we had the tum yum soup, for dinner. In addition, salad, fried chicken, and french fries were offered for dinner. I tasted the soup and it was delicious. It was not as spicy as the one the chef made because he used all the chili pepper that was provided, but instead, there was a good balance of spices in our soup.