Comparing/Contrasting the United States and Japan





Portion Sizes

This is a “venti” at a Starbucks in Fukuoka.

Food is portioned out from fast-food to sit down restaurants. Drink sizes are smaller too. Instead of a restaurant sized cup, there are 6 oz glasses for water, and a 10-12 oz glass for other beverages.

 Pros  Cons
-Better for weight loss -I never know how much to order
-Smaller portions increase metabolism -Spending “more” money for less food
-Harder to waste food  -No free refills
-Smaller soda servings are healthier

Overall, portion control is a good thing. I wish the United States would implement it. However, with the success of all-you-can-eat buffets and 72 oz steaks, I don’t think it will happen anytime soon.


Every walkway (even in subway stations) have this yellow line. The bumps are meant to separate the sides of the sidewalk, but are also to help guide people who are visually impaired.
Likes Dislikes
-Japan is very orderly. -Sometimes people don’t follow the rules.
-Following the rules helps me blend in. -Eating on the go is frowned upon (as a busy college student, this is frustrating).
-I feel safe, even late at night.


Good Bad
-It’s helped me become more conscious of my body language. -Different nonverbals get confusing
-Using nonverbals help alleviate the stress of the language barrier

Tipping/Tax Free

U.S. Japan
-Used to tipping at least 30 percent -Tipping is frowned upon
-Servers make very little per hour -Servers make about $10/hour
-Taxes on almost everything -Many tax-free opportunities for tourists


U.S. Japan
-Expensive -Affordable
-Without insurance, trips to the doctor are extremely expensive. -When I went to the doctor, I paid about $90 for the entire visit (including prescription medication).
-Without an appointment, waits at the doctor/hospital can last over an hour. -A walk-in visit at a hospital in Japan only took 30 minutes (from paperwork to payment).
(Gross) herbal medicine

It’s my last week in Japan, and I know I will miss a lot about this country. I am so thankful for the kind interactions, affordable prices, and delicious food. I can’t wait to come back someday!